Details Of Baseball Star Albert Pujol’s Contract With The Los Angeles Angels Revealed.

By Randall Stevens  |  01/06/2012

Albert PujolsBack in early December, news broke of MLB slugger Albert Pujols $254 million signing with the Los Angeles Angels ... and now, further details of his contract has been revealed.

Despite being just the third player to break the $200 million contract barrier, the baseball star will also get four season tickets to home games over the next decade, reports

Other perks, which were revealed in details filed with the MLB and player's association this week, included:

• A hotel suite on road trips.
• A luxury suite at the ballpark for the Pujols Foundation, his charitable group, for 10 home games a year.
• The right to buy a luxury suite between first base and third base for all home games.

His deal with the Angels included separate agreements: His playing contract, a marketing deal, and an agreement to enter a 10-year, personal-services agreement following the playing contract's expiration or Pujols' retirement, whichever is later. After retirement, the team will pay him $1 million annually, but is contingent on Pujols actually working for the team so is not guaranteed money.

There also is a marketing agreement that will pay Pujols for milestone accomplishments. He will receive $3 million for 3,000 hits and $7 million for a record 763rd home run. He currently has 2,073 hits and 445 home runs.

All three agreements combined could fetch Pujols up to $268.75 million over 20 years. That includes $875,000 in possible award bonuses each year for accomplishments such as Most Valuable Player, World Series and League Championship Series MVP, Gold Glove and Silver Slugger, and making the All-Star team.