Will.i.am Developing Futuristic Car Called IAMAUTO



Black Eyed Peas’ frontman Will.i.am is building his resume while his group takes a breather. The rapper/producer recently debuted a new automobile on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” that he’s been working called IAMAUTO.

The futuristic white vehicle was developed by Will to help create jobs in his Los Angeles neighborhood he grew up in.

Just like he did in the beginning with B.E.P., he invested his own money to bring the project to light.

“I’m a big technology freak and a geek and I invested my money in building my own vehicle ’cause I want to bring jobs to the ghetto that I come from,” Will explained to Jay Leno. “I invested in making a demo to start the Black Eyed Peas, now I want to invest to have a car company in the neighborhood where I come from.”

Will goes on to explain that the IAMAUTO was built using OEM parts from Chrysler and features a Beats By Dr. Dre sound system.

“It’s sick, it’s really fresh,” said Will.

At press time, further details about the new vehicle was unknown.

Additionally, Will is also prepping his next album album, titled #willpower, due out later this year.

  1. wow i think your a great person to think that takin time to apreciate  others is such a nice thing i know the peaple of your town will be so ever thank full for your kind gesture to create jobs for the less fortunate buy opening a car manufacter company to creat jobs not onlly  that  the enjoyment pepale will get out of this marviliuose machine its a shame there isnt more peaple  like your self in this world becuase if there was we wouldnt have so much poverty in the riches country in the world go bless you in all your endevers you are one of a kind will iam jeanette music lover promotor & a fan 

  2. The Delorean is a much cooler car. Probably should have based the IAMAUTO off of something with a little better handling though IMO

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