Master P’s Daughter Cymphonique Will Debut Nickelodeon Show ‘How To Rock’ In February

By Allen Starbury  |  12/30/2011

CymphoniqueMaster P's teenage daughter Cymphonique is set to star in a new series on Nickelodeon called "How To Rock," premiering in February.

She originally landed the series earlier this year, and it's finally hitting TV screens in the upcoming year ... and so far, it's getting positive reviews.

The New York Times says the show "has an extra ingredient that can propel the series beyond TV into a full-blown pop culture phenomenon: Cymphonique Miller."

Yep, that's her real name. With such a unique name, you'd think she was for show business. Maybe she is, but her famous father didn't always want her in the entertainment biz.

"I tried everything in my power to stop this girl because this can be a hard, sick business -- really easy to get taken advantage of," said Master P. "I guess you can't hold raw talent back."

"We're hoping for great things from Cymphonique -- a big, fat, giant hit," added Margie Cohn, Nickelodeon's president for original programming. "That's what I've been working for with this series, so why not say it?"

"How To Rock" is a live-action comedy series, which Nick picked up 20 episodes. It began production in the summer in Los Angeles, and will now debut on February 4th.

In support of the series, Nickelodeon has produced an eight-part video series about Cymphonique Miller to introduce her to viewers (see here ), a spokeswoman said. A song sung by Miller in the first episode of the program, "Only You Can Be You," arrived on iTunes at Christmas.

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