Machine Gun Kelly Named MTV ‘Hottest Breakthrough MC Of 2011’

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun KellyDespite a year where new youngsters took over, there was only one who could be named MTV’s “Hottest Breakthrough MC of 2011.” That emcee is … Bad Boy signee, Machine Gun Kelly.

Since dropping his 2010 mixtape Lace Up, the Cleveland-bred rapper has built a cult-following that eventually helped him attract all the major labels, all of which were courting MGK. In the end, it was Diddy and Bad Boy that landed the buzzing young artist.

MGK beat out the likes of Lil Twist and Mac Miller, as well as A$AP Rocky, Future, French Montana, Freddie Gibbs, Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill and Roscoe Dash.

“He has just such a movement, just hundreds and thousands of loyal fans that came from the place he came from, in different parts of the country,” Diddy gushed during a “RapFix Live” appearance. “He wasn’t always the coolest kid in school, and just the process of growing up and the problems that they all encounter, they relate to him in such a way.”

MTV said that Lil Twist, who finished in the #2 spot with 39 percent of the vote, was MGK’s most formidable competition, thanks to his die-hard fans, Young Money team and best friend Justin Bieber, who all tweeted in support.

After earning the honor, MGK Skyped with MTV, graciously accepting the title.

“I can’t explain how grateful I am for all those kids who sat there and got in voting circles and sat there for hours and hours and did votes upon votes,” MGK said of his fans, who voted for him in the week-long poll. “I know that we have probably the least amount of fans, but like I told my fans: Heart is always gonna prevail over connections and who these people know and who tweets what.”

Next thing on MGK’s list is his upcoming Lace Up album, which has yet to receive a release date. For more info, keep it locked to

  1. Cleveland stand the fuck up!!!!!!! Call me Steve O. Wtf u mean that’s embarrassing? Lmmfao. MGK will shit on all them cats. If u take a hot beat & put all them dudes on that shit, Mgk would shit on em all. & all them niggas kno it.

  2. MGK is garbage as hell. Dude is the definition of someone who raps because he thinks it’s cool. He can flow on a beat but says LACE UP or KELS every 2 seconds. Wack as hell, no talent and should quit the game. 

  3. this is awful, why don’t you put justin bieber on that list as well..MGK is awful did you see him on the BET freestyle cypher? shit was wack just like his rhymes fuckin ABC raps

  4. Wtf…He killed it in The Cypher..R U kidding me? What the hell were u watching? Ctfu!

  5. You guys are all fags and obviously have no taste in music, cause MGK is so fcukin real and you cant appreciate it when your a fake biotch so its cool haters no one listens to you OBVIOUSLY^^   I couldnt be happier for the dude he deserves it more than anyone and his music is beautiful.. slow down and listen to the lyrics he can relate to just abut anyone in one way or another.

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