The Hundreds Tease With Images Of Garbage Pail Kids Collaboration

The Hundreds x Garbage Pail Kids

The Hundreds x Garbage Pail Kids

Popular Los Angeles-inspired streetwear brand, The Hundreds, started the brand on inspiration from the 1980s-90s eight years ago. Of course, there’s tons of influence from the 1980s … one thing specifically, is iconic Garbage Pail Kids (GPK) trading cards.

Back in August, The Hundreds paired up with Topps (trading cards company) and GPK for a gallery exhibit in which over a 100 artists created their own GPK-inspired pieces; and later, the brand dropped an exclusive GPK “Adam Bomb” tee.

Apparently, the companies have been collaborating and are continuing to do so.

The Hundreds staff have been blogging images of new GPK cards, which feature Garbage Pail Kids versions of the brand’s players — including Bobby Hundreds, Ben Hundreds, Ashley and Scotty.

At press time, details regarding the collaboration is unknown.

Stay tuned to for further info.

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