RZA Launches New Entertainment App, RZA’s World


RZAHip-hop legend, the RZA (of Wu-Tang Clan), announced this week the release of his new RZA’s World App, in conjunction with Charisma Apps.

The new app boasts an library of original content, consisting of four main components: The Sound Track To Your Life, where RZA imparts sage advice on various life situations; a What’s News newsfeed that provides up to date information regarding everything RZA; a Vault selling exclusive RZA content; and the 3D Chess Chamber, a forum that offers entertaining game-play challenging chess players from novice to advance play.

The app also includes direct Twitter and Facebook updates, so it’s like you’re living in RZA’s world every day.

“Launching RZA’s World app is a small token of my gratitude to the fans who have supported me all these years,” said RZA. “The app is a key that opens the front door into my world. Charisma was the perfect partner to help me create this app to give back a little of piece of me to my fans.

“We couldn’t be more ecstatic to work alongside legendary icon RZA on this opportunity”, added Charisma App co-founder, Stephen Gluck. “This is the most comprehensive app we’ve released to date, and RZA was the only platform we wanted to unveil its capabilities to the world on.”

Below is a breakdown of RZA’s World App four main components:

Sound Track To Your Life (STYL) and What’s News are distinctive elements of RZA’s World App. RZA imparts his “RZAisms” in STYL to provide users with guidance on life’s tribulations. In the What’s News section, fans are provided with access to RZA’s personal photo album, blog and information on past, present and future music and film projects. Fans are able to get an exclusive inside look at the world of RZA.

The Vault is an exclusive marketplace featuring never-before-seen digital content from the set of Bobby Digital — an unreleased movie featuring RZA’s acting debut.

Fans can also peruse RZA-themed merchandise featuring distinctive artwork and imagery seen in the app, as well as RZA-branded shirts, stickers and hats. All merchandise is available for retail, and fans will be gifted one free download with either app purchase.

Unbeknownst to many, RZA is also a chess aficionado and master, and was hands-on in developing the app’s innovative chess engine, which provide hours of entertainment for all levels of chess enthusiasts. Users can play against RZA or challenge a friend in a two-player mode. Beginners are provided advice with the RZA inspire me button to teach them the art of winning.

Two versions of the app are available: RZA’s World ($3.99) and RZA’s World HD ($7.99). The former is compatible with the iPhone and iPod, while the “HD” allows users to purchase the app one time and share it among all their devices, so you can take RZA everywhere you go. Offering a higher resolution, larger screen and more realistic chess plays, the “HD” empowers fans with an overall enhanced total experience.

The app is available via iTunes now. For more information, visit RZAsWorld.com.

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