Beats By Dre Unveils Beats Executive Headphones

By Jay Casteel (@JayCasteel)  |  11/18/2011

Beats by Dre's Studio headphones line was Dr. Dre's original and most popular headphone, but the brand recently unveiled a new product to their line, aimed at a more mature consumer.

The Beats Executive was recently unveiled, boasting the ultra-premium headphones technology with a sleeker look and a whole range of new features.

With the same premium sound technology found in all the Beats headphones, the Beats Executive also features things like noise cancellation that helps block out the sound of the outside world, and a built-in shutoff feature to preserve battery life. Exterior-wise, it has a more refined look with a brushed metal finish, elegant accents such as leather pads, and a swiveling design to make them ultra-compact when not in use.


They are expected to retail at $399.95. However, a release date was not announced at press time.

Stay tuned to for more info.