Redman Says He & Method Man’s Movie Careers Are Heading Toward ‘Cheech & Chong Stages’


RedmanAlthough east coast rap legend Redman always keeps busy, popping up around the world with show appearances, it’s been a minute since we heard from him.

The rapper recently sat down with Montreality to talk about a variety of topics, specifically new projects.

In the summer, longtime collaborator Method Man announced that he and Red were working on the movie, “How High 2.” While they still have a new movie together in the works, Reggie says it’s unlikely it will be titled “How High 2.”

“Red and Meth is opening their own video business … production company, rather,” he explained. “We wanna call it Blunt Brothers Cinema. We’re working on the name for that. We’re having a little bit of a problem solidifying the name, but we’re trying to a a movie under our own company now. Doing ‘How High 2?’ The company Universal owns that name. They own the characters in the movie, so that means we can’t take ‘How High’ to another company and use them characters.”

“So what we’re gonna do is work on shooting our own movie. We’ll call it something else. It will be marijuana related, and we’re gonna do it. We’re gonna movie to Cheech and Chong stages,” Red continued, explaining he and Meth’s future as a duo.

On the music side of things, Red confirmed rumors that he’s working on the sequel to his 1996 classic, Muddy Waters 2.

He and Meth are also prepping their Blackout 3 project, which he says will be coming in 2012, beginning with the release of its first single.

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