DyMe-A-DuZiNIn case you’re not familiar with the name, DyMe-A-DuZiN is a 19-year-old rapper hailing from Brooklyn, New York; and is the latest addition to the Warner Bros. roster.

The young emcee, who is best known as the front man of the hip-hop collective Phony Ppl, has pursued a career in music for the past eight years, having built a strong online buzz with over five million YouTube views to date.

The new deal proves DyMe’s hard work is paying off.

His upcoming projects under Warner Bros. will be executive produced by Plain Pat and Emile (former partners of Kid Cudi), and overseen by the label’s Director of A&R, Dante Ross.

Some of DyMe’s most recent release including his latest music video for the track “Idely” (seen below), and his recent Plain Pat-hosted mixtape, 20 = X, which is available for download here.

To stay updated on the latest from DyMe, follow him on Twitter @DyMeADuZiN.