Samuel L. Jackson Declared Highest Grossing Actor Ever

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. JacksonIf you’re a movie buff, you’ve seen him in countless films, playing the role of all types of characters. He’s been in so many films, grossing so much money, that he’s actually in the record books. That actor is Samuel L. Jackson.

Apparently, all the films Jackson’s appeared in, combined, have grossed over $7.4 billion. And, that number puts him in the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest grossing actor of all-time, reports the Chicago Tribune.

He has starred in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster films in his 20-plus year career.

Some of those films include “Jurassic Park” ($914 million), “Pulp Fiction” ($212 million) and the “Star Wars” prequels ($2.4 billion), which are among his top earning.

His $7.4 billion dollar number should increase over the next several years as well. Jackson averages four films a year, and has made more than 100 films since his 1989 debut in Harold Becker’s “Sea of Love,” where he was billed as simply the “black man.”

In 2012, Jackson will star as Nick Fury in the highly anticipated superheroes movie, “The Avengers,” which is expected to be a blockbuster to add to his resume.

Congrats Samuel! Definitely a living legend.

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