Mobb Deep

Mobb DeepMobb Deep are ready to give the world a brand new project, and it’s coming in the form of a new EP in late November, titled Black Cocaine.

In an interview with Sway on MTV’s RapFix set, the duo — consisting of Havoc and Prodigy — discussed why they decided to drop an EP, as opposed to a full-length LP, which will serve as their first new Mobb Deep album since Prodigy was released from prison earlier this year.

They say it’s just an “appetizer.”

“We’re doing the EP first just to give ’em a little appetizer, a little warm up project before the album drop. And the album is coming right behind it at the end of February,” Prodigy revealed.

And, to make things clear, Mobb Deep promises that despite the dramatic change to the musical landscape, fans can expect the same thing they’ve always done.

“We are who we are,” Havoc explained. “We’re not really trying to fit in. We just trying to be who we are. We just us… that’s who we are in today’s hip-hop environment. We not trying to do what everybody else is doing. We doing what works for us. I think people can appreciate that on a certain level, even if you’re into a Drake and your Weezy’s and all of this. When you look at us you go ‘Oh, that’s a brand we all know and can trust.”

The EP features the likes of Nas, Bounty Killer … and collabos are something the duo plan to do more of in the near future. One surprising feature P’s been talking about is one with 50 Cent rival, Rick Ross.

So, how does that affect his relationship with Fif? He says the G-Unit founder is with it, and agreed that Mobb Deep needs to work with whoever they want. Prodigy told Sway that he discussed this with the day after his release from prison.

“Actually the first day I had came home, 50 had flew to New York to come see me; and I went over to the G-Unit office and I told him ‘Mobb Deep need to start doing songs with everybody. We need to start reaching out to people even if we got little conflicts,'” the rapper explained. “People like Rick Ross, people like Lil Wayne, people like whoever. Just reaching out to everybody that we respect and we like their music and start doing songs with them. Because Mobb Deep is the type of group we always do songs with other regions, or other parts of America, even overseas. We always like to find artists we like and respect and do songs with them. Why stop now? And {50 Cent] was like ‘yeah, you right.’ ”

In addition to Ross, P said a Weezy collabo may be on the horizon as well. Apparently, the two communicated while both were behind bars.

“While we was both locked up, we was in communications with each other. He made a little quote for me on my autobiography, on the cover of the book. So, we supposed to be doing some music in the future. We’ll see what’s up,” P said.

For Mobb Deep, it seems like a lot of things are coming down the pipeline. First up, though, is the Black Cocaine EP, which hits stores November 27th.