Rumors surfaced earlier this week, regarding an altercation involving Jim Jones in Harlem on Monday (October 24).

Details weren’t clear initially, but some said he was jumped by several men as he left a recording studio.

Jones, himself, spoke to Hot 97’s Miss Info ( on Tuesday (October 25), in which he confirmed that he was involved in a fight. However, the rapper revealed that it was three men, and claimed it was a botched robbery attempt.

“I was in Harlem, alone, when three men stepped to me. Well, the first guy, I beat the sh** out of him,” Jones explained. “Then, the second guy jumped in with a metal pipe. I was so amped up, I didn’t even feel him hitting me with it.

“I was still putting a beating on the first guy, but when the third guy pulled out a gun, I got out of there. I left. Anyone with a brain would do the same.”

According to Jones, the men were after his jewelry. Being by himself, he said it was a “stupid mistake” and it “won’t happen again.”

Jones said he walked away unscathed following the altercation, and went to the studio to work on his next mixtape.

He even sent two photos from Miss Info to prove it.