50 Cent

50 Cent50 Cent really wants to make a difference in the world, and is doing so with his new company/movement, Street King, which was started in hopes of feeding 1 billion starving African children.

For every Street King energy shot purchased, Fif will provide a meal for a child in Africa. But, he’s recently upped the ante by pledging to provide meals for every “like” on the Street King Facebook page.

If he reaches a million fans by the end of the week, he promises to donate his donation.

The rapper became inspired to help upon a recent tour run through Africa, where he witnessed firsthand just how bad some had it in impoverished parts of the world. 50 thought he had it bad while growing up, but realized others have it much harder.

In a recent interview with GlobalGrind.com, 50 Cent further explained his goals behind “Street King”, and why he’s doing it. He also revealed that he hopes his moves will influence the rest of the world’s corporations to help end the world’s hunger problems.

Below is an excerpt, read the entire interview wt GlobalGrind.

What made you want to feed a million Africans?

I was touring in Africa and the circumstances I grew up in, I thought they were harsh, and in the past I make references to my experiences, as I’m from the bottom. And then when you get there, you see people under far harder circumstances. It even makes you look at yourself and some of the decisions you made based on being in the position that I was in at that point. It made me reevaluate my own experiences. It’s easier to see someone else’s imperfections then it is to see your own. That was my initial reasoning for going the route that I went. There was nothing there, I got nothing to lose. When you see people in far worse circumstances… I mean, I grew up without money, but not being hungry.

You always had something to eat at night.

Yeah, I’ve never been under the circumstances where there’s nothing to eat. Imagine being a mom, having two children and having to make a decision which one you’re going to take with you. You gotta leave one. It’s beyond any challenges that I’ve had to experience. So it makes me want to be a part of changing it or doing something different. According to World Bank numbers, one percent of business alleviates all extreme poverty.

I think that with all the major corporations and many majority shareholders, that one percent wouldn’t change one percent of their life. You can’t ask those people to do that now, but if you lead by example and create companies like Street King, when they’re successful, you can lead by influence. I can influence my peer group, meaning the artist community, to have charitable components implemented in the deals that they do and other professional athletes and other new, young entrepreneurs. Google is only ten years old, if that was a part of this actual business model, it would’ve wiped out a whole lot of issues that we have right now.