Tyler The Creator Calls Lil Wayne Meeting ‘Awesome’, Wants To Produce Track For Him

By Allen Starbury  |  10/25/2011

Tyler The CreatorThere's a lot of love between Odd Future and Lil Wayne. While Weezy recently expressed his admiration for the collective during a recent chat with MTV, crew frontman Tyler The Creator also offered some kind words for the hip-hop superstar.

So, it seems the feeling is mutual.

"Wayne's cool. I ran into him at my hangout back home, and he's just cool," Tyler told MTV recently. "I wanted to kinda fan out and sh**. But he gave me a speech about how happy he was that I won a VMA and that seeing my mom go crazy kinda made him feel like he won it too, because that sh** was real as f***. He sat there for three minutes giving me a speech and I was like 'I just wanted to say The Drought 3 was my sh**.' I couldn't 'cause he was sitting there like 'Yo, I love everything you do. That [VMA] sh** almost made me cry.' It was awesome."

Aside from the mutual love and respect for each other, Tyler said that he'd love to work with Wayne in the near future ... and revealed that he's got a beat stashed for Weezy, but just has to muster up the courage to ask him to hop on it.

"I actually have this beat that I want him on, but I was too scared to get it to Clancy [his manager] to get it to them, but Wayne's cool," said Tyler.

Tyler is probably just being a little shy, because Wayne's isn't the type to give shoutouts if he isn't interested in working with the person. So, it's likely a Odd Future x Lil Wayne collaboration will be forthcoming.

Would you like to see a collaboration between the two? Let us know what you think.