Pusha T

Pusha TRappers and pro-wrestlers have a lot in common, specifically their skills at trash talking. And, when it comes to trash talking, the legendary Ric Flair does it better than anyone.

That’s why G.O.O.D. Music recording artist, Pusha T, enlisted Flair’s vocals for his latest track leak, “What Dreams Are Made Of.”

The song, which dropped on Monday (October 24), opens with Flair bragging about rocking Rolexes and diamond rings, as well as living a lavish lifestyle complete with limousines and chauffeurs.

It goes right along with the lyrics and concept of Pusha’s song about a life that everybody envys, so much so, you can say it’s “what dreams are made of.”

“I’m what dreams are made of / Cocaine, Ronald gave us / Then, as he tried to save us / By that time, we had Motorola pagers / Now, we push-button start motors / Yacht owners, you small-ballin’ / That’s Pop Warner,” Pusha spits.

“Luxury is just my lifestyle, I’m scott free with a million dollar, bright smile,” he later adds.

Trailing the song is yet another Ric Flair sound-byte.

“Whether you like it or don’t like it, sit down and look at it, because it’s the best going today,” the “Nature Boy” says, before ending with a “Woo!”

The song will appear on the Clipse rhymer’s first solo effort, Fear of God 2: Let Us Pray EP, due out November 8.