With the weather cooling down, and folks get ready for winter … and soon, Christmas, California-based brand Famous Stars & Straps recently released their full 2011 Holiday line.

As always, FMS drops a full line, complete with options in various colors and for both guys and girls.

For the 2011 Holiday season, the brand drops new designs in a slew of new tees for men, as well as various options for the ladies; several new crewnecks, hoodies, and jackets for both genders; a assortment of hats (snapbacks, fitteds, and flex-fitted); and other items like boxers, backpacks, wallets, and belts.

Some key (our faves) releases include the League Snapback/Fitteds, the BOH MLB Mens Pullover Hoodie, Family Forever Zip Hoodie, the Apollo Backpack, and of course, their new tees — including the War Story tee, the Motion BOH tee, the Sound Systems Tee, and the Block Arc Tee, among others.

These are just a few of the new items the brand has released. All the new drops are available at the FMS’ website, FamousSas.com, and/or their retail location The Fast Life (TheFastLife.com).