Duck Sauce, the pair comprised of New York producer/DJs A-Trak and Armand Van Helden, deliver an appropriately seasonal treat with the release of the third single and official video from their collaborative project.

With its unstoppable kick drum and feral howl, “Big Bad Wolf” is perfect for Halloween. The video, directed by Keith Schofield, is a shocking behind-the-zipper comedy starring the DJ duo that truly must be seen to be believed.

It follows two regular guys, one working in retail and another flipping burgers, when they are overcome by … the big bad wolf. Both accidently catch a glimpse of unsuspecting women and their bulges go crazy (no homo). When they go to a private place to try to calm themselves down, they take down their pants to reveal the heads of A-Trak and Armand… both howling. Yea, it’s kinda odd.

Then, it cuts to later in the evening, showing both men preparing for a night on the town together. When they find ladies they’re interested in … well, you have to watch to see what happens.