As part of a promotion for his “Street King” energy shot, 50 Cent hooked up with good friend Floyd Mayweather and boxing legend Mike Tyson for a wild night in Las Vegas, in a parody of the blockbuster film “The Hangover”.

The first part of his clip begins much like the scene from the film, where the stars awake from a night of partying but none remember. Fif and Mayweather awake to a wrecked hotel room, then Tyson emerges from the bathroom singing 50′’s “What Up Gangsta” before excitedly reminding the guys what went down.

“You telling me you don’t remember?” Tyson asks, before it flashes back to the trio sitting in a club where 50 spikes Tyson’s drink with a shot of Street King. Then, it all craziness, with the former boxing champ leading the charge.

This is Part 1, more clips are to follow.