Terrance J and Webbie

Terrance J and WebbieLouisiana rapper Webbie has been making headlines over the past week, stemming from some controversy with BET during an appearance on “106 & Park,” which he has been reportedly banned from.

Here’s how the story goes…

Two Fridays ago, on October 14, the rapper was a guest judge during the countdown show’s “Freestyle Fridays” segment. Then, without warning, host Terrence J announced that Webbie would no longer be allowed on the show, and was further banned from appearing on BET altogether.

At first, details about why the punishment was given was unknown. However rumors have surfaced that claim Webbie reeked of marijuana and whispered an offensive remark in the ear of Rosci.

From his alleged disrespect, Terrance made the announcement.

Since these rumors spread, Webbie has responded. In a video clip (below), released to WorldStarHipHop, the rapper explained his side of the story, and even sent a threat Terrance J’s way.

“I am BET. I told ol’ girl that she wanted this d***. You seen the pics. She wanted it,” the rapper declares in the video. “So Terrence, I’m sorry your bitch (Rocsi) wanted me to put that d*** on her. Get your hoe, man. Get your f***ing hoe man. Get your hoe man.”

“I’m slapping the f*** outta Terrance when I see him, straight up,” Webbie concluded before hopping into a vehicle and driving off.

Webbie further continued his rant on Twitter over the weekend, adding: “Not holding nmo beef with @TerrenceJ he a wanna be ass n****. Ima just simply beat him up when I catch him.”


Aside from beefs, the rapper is hard at work on his third LP, Savage Life 3, set to drop November 15.