SOUL by Ludacris - SL150 Headphones

SOUL by Ludacris - SL150 Headphones

After Dre released his Beats By Dr. Dre collection, no one managed to equal his success. 50 came up with his Sleek By 50 Cent brand of headphones, and both Diddy and Lady Gaga teamed up with Beats for their own signature brand of Beats By headphones. The latest artist to release his own headphone collection is Ludacris.  His Soul By Ludacris collection comes via a joint venture with supplier Signeo, and consists of five styles — from headphones to earbuds –that are priced between $100-$299.

Luda is determined to make an impact of quality with the headphones. “Music should move you, make you feel something. It’s about expression and passion. If you’re getting a proper musical experience, you can feel it in your soul,” he says. Time to share our musical experience, as BallerStatus reviews the SL150 headphones.

What’s In The Box

  • Headphones
  • Protective road case for convenience and storage
  • Straight audio cable with in-line remote control and standard straight audio cable
  • Gold-plated connector for seamless signal transfer
  • Manual

The Good
The jewel of the Soul By Ludacris collection is the SL300, a solid headphone for professional usage, priced at $299. For $199, you”ll get a good alternative with the SL150. This white beauty, also available black, has the same design as the SL300 series, but a little less advanced. The look of these headphones is sleek and stylish — the stitching on the inner-side of the headphones give them a luxurious touch, yet the full ear cup articulation ensures the best and most comfortable fit every time.

The headphones come with a hard nylon protective road case. The SL150 fold up compactly to fit inside the case, making it a convenient traveling partner. The audio cable with in-line remote control connects to and detaches from the left ear cup.

The SL150 offers superior sound performance: the heavy bass and low-end are great, making the headphones suitable for a variety of genres, especially for those who like their bass full bloom. The microphone and speech quality on the SL150 is superior. The isolation of the cups is extremely good, while the soft pads fit comfortably on the ear.

The Bad
The SL150 is extremely big, making it a cumbersome to wear it around the neck.

The Verdict
When it comes to the price level, the SL150 is cheaper than the Beats Solo HD. When it comes to its performance, the oversized SL150 is an interesting competitor for the Beats By Dre assortment. The SL150 is a sleek and comfortable option for any professional or avid music lover, who likes the bass full bloom, looking for a powerful and precise audio mix experience on the go. If you’re not that into hip-hop, pop or R&B with a heavy bass, get yourself a cheaper alternative.

Our Rating: 5 out of 5

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