Pac Div

Pac DivAfter years of building a buzz, Southern Cali trio Pac Div are set to release their debut album, The Div, early next month, via a joint venture with RBC Records.

The group — consisting of two brothers, Like and Mibbs, and long time friend, BeYoung — formed in 2005 while still in high school. However, it began with 11 members, and has since shrank to the three you see now. While most young rappers were under the spell of “microwave” music, these three were doing their hip-hop homework, studying rap’s pioneers, honing their skills and developing their own styles.

From their music to shows to videos, and unique approach to creating, the group proves to showcase undeniable talent in everything they do.

Pac Div’s first mixtape, Sealed for Freshness: The Blend Tape, along with their first video “F.A.T Boys,” was released in 2006 to much critic acclaim. Focusing on their lives as “regular guys” growing up in Southern California, their music resonated with kids from all walks of life. From hipster to hood, there was something everyone could relate to in their sound. This universal appeal began their success and garnered them the attention of numerous major publications such as Billboard, Rolling Stone, The Source, Vibe and XXL.

Following the tape’s release, the group dropped two more mixtapes, Church League Champions and Don’t Mention It, both of which helped them garner a fanbase around the country.

The Div boasts production from No I.D., Swiff D and the group’s very own, Like; and features from long time friends, Bleu Collar, Asher Roth, Casey Veggies, Tiron and Skeme.

(Listen to “The Greatness” here )

The Div drops November 8th.