Blades x Tom Bond x Good Wood NYC - Classic Monsters

Blades x Tom Bond x Good Wood NYC - Classic Monsters

New York City-based retailer, Blades, has teamed up with artist Tom Bond and Good Wood NYC for an exclusive collaboration featuring limited necklaces … just in time for Halloween.

With the spooky holiday less than two weeks away, the companies have created a limited series of Halloween-inspired wooden necklaces “that are an instant collector’s item,” a rep for the Blades said.

Dubbed the “Classic Monsters” Series, it boasts four wooden pendants engraved with Tom’s detailed illustrations of a Vampire, Frankenstein, Werewolf and Mummy.

The necklaces are limited to just 50 pieces per design, each of which are hand sanded and painted, and comes on a hand beaded wooden necklace. Additionally, Tom’s signature, along with logos from Blades and Good Wood NYC, are engraved on the back of each pendant.

Each “Classic Monsters” pieces retails for $59.99, and are available at both Blades retail locations in NYC. for more info, visit