In hip-hip, specifically in the world of the DJ and producer, DJ Premier is consider one of the greatest of all time … and a pioneer, thanks to his contributions to the artform as a member of the pioneering group Gangstarr.

Youtube channel, IRunsYN, caught up with the legendary producer/DJ recently, and asked him his opinion on the old way DJs did things versus the way things are done to — or records versus Serato. If you don’t know what Serato is, it’s basically a software that made vinyl obsolete, because instead of spinning in crates of vinyl, it allowed DJs the option to use their laptops and MP3 files instead.

In this short clip, Premier explains what he considers to a “true DJ.” While he admits that Serato is amazing, he says to call yourself a “true” dj, you must own, at least, some records.

Watch the clip to hear his full breakdown.