John Singleton

John SingletonDirector/producer John Singleton is reportedly suing Paramount Pictures and MTV Films, claiming both companies failed to fulfill an agreement in which he signed over rights to the 2005 film, “Hustle & Flow.”

According to TMZ, Singleton claims he gave the studios the right to distribute the film,  and in return, promised to finance and distribute two of his films … but have yet to do so.

In the court docs, obtained by TMZ, he says he signed over the distribution rights in 2005 for a $9 million fee. In return, Paramount promised to green light and finance two Singleton pictures in the future, provided the budgets of those films didn’t exceed $3.5 million each.

Based on this promise, Singleton also says he later gave the studio the right to distribute 2007’s “Black Snake Moan.”

He claims the studios made millions off “Hustle & Flow,” which won an Oscar for Best Song and was critically acclaimed. But when he tried to get his movies made, Paramount placed unwarranted conditions that made made it impossible to make the movies.

Due to his deal with Paramount, Singleton says he passed on several offers with other companies. Thus, missing out on money.

Singleton is seeking, at least, $20 million in damages.