Florida rapper Brisco, a recording artist signed to Cash Money Records, took the stand this week to testify against one of four men accused of robbing and pistol whipping during a robbery dating back to late 2009.

The incident took place in late July of 2009 at a Miami barbershop. In footage that later leaked to the Internet (see below), Brisco is shown getting a haircut, when four men stormed into the shop and ordered everyone on the floor.

From there, the rapper was pistol-whipped and robbed of $40,000 in jewelry, which included a chain, watch, and bracelet. Additionally, robbers made away with an unspecified amount of cash and his SUV.

In court, Brisco identified one of his attackers.

“Out of these pictures right here, he looks like the guy,” he said. “One of those guys hit me with a gun –like on the side of my head.”

With street credibility being such an important part of a rapper’s persona, news of Brisco’s appearance in court spread … and he has received flack for it. Angry over the situation, Brisco took to Twitter (@BriscoOpaLocka) writing: “Them crackers will twist your words!!!!!!!”

What’s your take? Is Brisco a snitch?