40 Glocc

40 GloccAfter a challenging year of fighting multiple cases, 40 Glocc finally got a break. Sometime this week, the rapper had a gun charge dismissed and was given bail.

If you are following Big Bad 40 on Twitter (@40Glocc), then you probably know something was up. Over the last couple days, he revealed that he was pulled over (reason unknown), and he was jailed after authorities arrested him on an outstanding warrant.

40 (real name: Tory Gassway) finally had his day in court and had a past gun charge dismissed and was given bail for lack of evidence.

“They finally let me breathe for one second. I feel like all I do is fight for my rights and I’m persecuted for it,” said 40 in a statement. “Not to mention a million liars out there hating for the fun of it. This is my life and I take it very serious; I’m on a mission to uplift myself and my people and anyone that challenges sets themselves up for a problem.”

He was arrested back in late January in the San Bernardino area of California on suspicion of weapons violations after police allegedly caught the rapper with a loaded 9mm handgun.

40 was sitting in an SUV near an apartment complex in San Bernardino (referred to as “The Zoo”), where he and his associates had been banned from due to a 2008 gang injunction. When a patrolling officers spotted the rapper, his vehicle was searched and was subsequently arrested.

Since then, 40 Glocc says the charge has been like a load on bricks on his mind, especially since he claims he was falsely accused of something he didn’t do.

“The gun charge has been burdening both me and my Zoo Babies for quite some time. The worst thing that can happen to you is have someone wrongfully accuse you and you have to pay a debt for a sloppy lie,” he explained. “From here on in, my fans, my supports and my believers can rely on me to fight for my music to hit the top charts.”

40 has been gearing up for the release of his upcoming solo album, titled New World Agenda. It was originally due to drop this month, but has been pushed to December 6, due to his legal issues.

So far, he’s dropped a few tracks from the upcoming project. 40 dropped the star-studded video to his “Welcome To California (Remix)”, a Fight Club-inspired clip for the DJ Paul-assisted “Thump It Out,” and his latest single, “Electric Lady” featuring Cee-Lo.

Up next is an extended remix to “Welcome to California,” featuring Mistah Fab, Crooked I, Chief and Yukmouth.