T.I. made one of his first TV appearances on “The View” on Tuesday morning (October 18), where he chatted with the ladies on the couch following his interview with Howard Stern earlier.

During his time on the couch (see video above), sitting in between Barbara Walters and Sherri Shepherd, the ATL-bred rapstar spoke about staying clean and sober, the importance of family and shielding his kids from his past, and writing his novel Power & Beauty while incarcerated.

“Nobody is tougher on me than I am on myself,” TIP explained. “I’m not trying to make any excuses. I accept responsibility for everything that I’ve done. And people say, ‘Well, how could he just make a mistake again and again?’ It should be taken into consideration how long prior to me being T.I., how long I had been living the life I was living.”

Since his release from prison, there’s been rumors that T.I. planned to retire from music. He addressed that as well, denying it altogether.

“Nah, there’ll be more music. I’ma do it as long as they want me to,” he said.