Odd Future Meets Lil Wayne, Rap Star Says He Supports The Collective

Odd Future continue to gain fans in high places. Eminem and Kanye West have said they like what the Los Angeles collective are doing … and most recently, so has Lil Wayne.

OFWGKTA frontman, Tyler The Creator, recently met Weezy — who he collaborated with on Game’s R.E.D. Album cut, “Martians vs. Goblins” — at Los Angeles sneaker shop, Flight Club. During her meeting, the two hung out and Weezy learned some new skateboarding tricks while skating with Odd Future’s Taco at Supreme on Fairfax Blvd.

“I just rock with ’em. Shout out my man Taco, that’s my dude,” Wayne said of the meeting, during a separate interview with MTV. “I’m just real cool with the homies. Shout out my man Tyler and everybody else over there.”

The YMCMB star is a fan of their music as well, and says he plans to catch a few of their shows of their current “Golf Wang” tour.

Photo credit: Golf Wang Tumblr

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