Electric DeLorean

Electric DeLorean

Are you ready to accelerate to 88 mph and go back to the … past?

If so, you’re in luck. Instead of trying to find one of the 6,500 1980s DeLoreans estimated to be still out there, you can wait a few years … and get an electric version set to drop in 2013.

That’s right folks. According to AutoBlog.com, DMC (DeLorean Motor Company) announced last Friday (October 14), during the DMC Texas Open House, that the company has teamed up with electric car startup, Epic EV, to produce an all-electric DMC-12 within two years.

Early reports say the Electric DeLorean will have a max-speed of 125 mph, boast 260 horses, and will sell for $90,000-100,000.

The gullwing doors are expected to remain as well.