Tupac Shakur

Tupac ShakurHere’s some ridiculous news to start off your week.

Earlier this month, news surfaced online of an unreleased sex tape starring late hip-hop icon, Tupac Shakur. In it, the rapper is said to be standing in a house party while an unknown woman is servicing him … orally.

While he’s enjoying it, Pac is also said to be dancing an singing along to one of his unreleased tracks playing in the background.

Apparently, an anti-hangover drink company called NOHO has reportedly offered $1 million dollars for the rights to the track … and Tupac’s estate is interested, reports TMZ.

But this is the weird part. The estate doesn’t have possession of the sex tape, so they aren’t even sure which song NOHO is referring to.

And, get this … NOHO hasn’t heard the song either.

Nonetheless, the drink company is interested, and both sides are presently negotiating to work out a deal.

TMZ says the that if the Tupac estate can’t get a hold of the tape, they have other unreleased Tupac songs they’re willing to part with … for the right price.