Bernard Hopkins Loses Title To Chad Dawson With Shoulder Injury In Second Round

Bernard Hopkins injured during fight against Chad Dawson

Bernard Hopkins injured during fight against Chad DawsonWhile Kimbo Slice was knocking out his second opponent as a professional boxer, veteran boxing star Bernard Hopkins lost his WBC light heavyweight title at the hands of Chad Dawson after being lifted and tossed to the canvas, leaving him unable to continue.

With 20 seconds left in Round 2 of the scheduled 12-round bout, Dawson ducked under a straight right from the 46-year-old boxing legend and got wrapped up under his arm. He then lifted him up and threw him onto the mat.

Immediately, Hopkins grabbed his left shoulder and remained down. The referee called time, speaking to the boxer to see if he could continue, but shortly after, the fight was called … and Dawson was awarded the win by default with a TKO.

The ref ruled out a foul, which angered Hopkins who exchanged words with Dawson the ring.

In the post-fight interview, Hopkins claims that “they” want him out of the sport.

“They want me out of boxing, and this is one way to do it,” he said. “Chad Dawson came in the ring tonight, and he just wanted to rough me up with dirty tactics. He wanted to get me out of there, and that was the only way he could.”

Hopkins was admitted to the California Hospital Medical Center in Los Angeles over the weekend. After being x-rayed and examined, its learned that he suffered “a separation of the acromioclavicular (A-C) joint, which connects the collar bone and shoulder blade,” says the boxer’s camp.

After waiting a half-decade for a fight with Hopkins, Dawson was enraged when Hopkins couldn’t get off the ground. He then taunted taunting him and climbed on the ropes.

“He jumped on me and was pulling me down, so I pushed him off with the shoulder,” Dawson explained. “B-Hop disappointed a lot of fans. I was looking forward to a good fight. I trained eight weeks for this. … Yes, he was faking. This is a fight I wanted for three years, and Bernard obviously didn’t want the fight.”

Dawson improved to 31-1, and becomes the light heavyweight champ; while Hopkins fell to 52-6.

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