While on tour with Blink-182, drummer Travis Barker took some time out of his day in Philly to film the music video for his latest single, “Just Chill” featuring Beanie Sigel, Bun B and Kobe.

Barker enlisted director Monsee to translate the song into a visual. For the clip, Monsee tells the story of a convict trying to turn his life around.

Travis’ Transplants band member, Skinhead Rob, plans the role of the ex-con who is sent to jail at the beginning of the video. It begins with Rob being shown to his cell by correctional officers. His bunkie is Bun B. From there, it shows the hard times he faces. From getting into with Beanie Sigel, who confronts him for using the wrong phone to slow time an inmate endures while serving their sentence.

Beanie kicks the video off with his verse, talking about the struggles of being an ex-con and transitioning into society, only to end up back behind bars.

Travis finally picks up his Rob when he’s released. When he gets home, Rob tries to turn his life around by finding a job, but in the end, it’s more difficult to turn things around than he thinks.

The single is from Travis’ solo debut, Give the Drummer Some, in stores now.