Introducing Aziatix: Trio Talk Group’s Formation, Loyal Fans & Obstacles Of Being Asian

There’s a subgenre of music that’s bubbling around the world, especially in the hearts of teenagers and young adults. It’s called K-pop. Originating in South Korea, acts (usually Korean), create music that has a mix of electropop, hip-hop, pop, rock, and R&B … and has gained popularity thanks to social media and Youtube.

One act, in particular, we had a chance to speak to is a trio called Aziatix, comprised of three Asian American artists from different parts of the country — Flowsik (Queens, NY), Eddie (Boston), and Nicky (Los Angeles).

They began working together just over a year and a half ago, and has since built loyal fanbase that follows them to show around the world. So loyal, they are called “Aziaddicts.”

While making their debut performance in Los Angeles a few months ago, Aziatix saw fans fly in from Singapore to catch their Hollywood show. Backstage, we spoke about their roller coaster career over the past 12 months … and how — after breaking into the overseas and Asian markets — they hope to make an impact on the U.S. pop charts, much like their Asian peers, the Far East Movement.

Although they are fairly new, their fanbase has grown quickly, helping their Youtube video garner hundreds of thousands of views, and pushing their EP Nocturnal and singles to top spots on Apple’s iTunes charts.

So, we introduce you to the Aziatix. For more, visit

  1. The interview was great!! Is great to hear to them talk about how the feel about their fans and    how they want to break to wall that divide us because of nationalities or races, the only thing that really matters is music, and they are putting their hearts on it!!!  So They are gonna keep grown up!!!  I really wish them the best ^_^.

    Aziatix all day ^_^

  2. Its a great interview you guys! I really appreciated you guys talking about the fans like you do.So many idols/artists claim they care about their fans but you guys prove it time and time again. Makes me very proud to not only write about you guys for work. it makes me even more proud to call myself an Aziaddict. You guys keep doing what you do and I for one will always be by your side supporting you all the way. Aziatix All Day Every Day!

  3. I like the fact that Nicky oppa didn’t dwell on the “being asian” question.Race has nothing to do with it,as they rightly said,it’s all about producing great music & they have been doing a great job so far ^_^ Aziatix all didday!!!!

  4. I love you guys.  Can’t wait for your concert in Boston.  Keep the music coming.

  5. Good interview guys! I’m not alone in loving how you sound together. Can’t wait for your concert! Thanks for making the world a brighter place thru music.

  6. U asked what I liked best? Your lack of pretentiousness. You all have experience, success on your own but you are still humble about wanting to do what is passionate to you & share it with others.

  7. Nice interview. I always love to hear how positive they are. They have the talent and the drive and good things will come to them. Can’t wait to catch them on tour next month!

  8. Just do a good music no matter where we from – Love it!!! Keep up the good works!!! The hair part is so funny, Eddie… Hahahahha.

  9. The interview is cool!!!awesome!!!
    This guys i adore so much and they inspired me everyday…i love this guys…Aziatix all day!!!

  10. With very talented producer and group members what else but awesome music come out?! :) Everything is so perfect about them! Aziatix all day!

  11. This interview is great! And I can feel Aziatix’s gonna be a huge musician!!
    Aziatix All Day!!!!!

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