Nasty Nas is back! The rap legend drops the official music video for the first single off what will be his 10th studio LP, due out later this fall.

In the Jason Goldwatch-directed clip, Nas drives around New York City in a Rolls-Royce Phantom, looking dapper while puffing on a cigar with two models in tow. Then, finally by daytime, he’s back on the block.

The rapper hops out the ride, then walks the block, dapping up kids and the homies playing dice along the way. Before long, a slew of kids are walking with him, until finaly, he’s stripped off his suit to his wifebeater and heads into a Queensbridge projects apartment building. He walks up the stairs, heads into a room and finds a small party. After making his way through … he ends up in the booth, ready to record.

Nasty Nas definitely brings it back in the new song/video.