Notorious B.I.G. protege and Junior Mafia member, Lil Cease, has continues to work on music over the years. But, if you’ve been following him online (via Twitter and/or various interviews), the hip-hop vet has another passion: working out.

In recent years, he’s been working on a DVD/workout series, titled “Hardbody TV,” in which he shares his workout secrets, health tips, diet regimen, and other fitness advice.

Cease recently hooked up with to release the digital series, consisting of 10 episodes where he demonstrates his calisthenics program with Bar-tendaz’ Giant, his ab workout, and the importance of eating healthy.

Check out the rest of the series below:

Episode 2: Cease and Giant teach XXL News Editor Jesse Gissen how to get his calisthenics on.

Episode 3: Lil Cease takes XXL to the gym for an intense ab workout.

Episode 4: Lil Cease breaks down his shoulder workout.

Episode 5: Lil Cease explains the importance of eating healthy.

Episode 6: Lil Cease and XXL News Editor Jesse Gissen hit up Nature’s Grill in Brooklyn, New York, to get some healthy-eating tips.

Episode 7: Lil Cease shows viewers another effective workout, this time focusing on the biceps.

Episode 8: Lil Cease shows XXL digital news editor, Jesse Gissen, another intense shoulder workout, utilizing the power of super sets.

Episode 9: Cease visits Styles P at his new juice bar, Juices for Life.

Episode 10: While chopping it up at Styles P’s juice bar, Juices for Life, Lil Cease and SP discuss how to break the cycle of eating poorly.

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