Steve Jobs

Steve JobsApple founder, Steve Jobs, passed away on Wednesday (October 5) at the age of 56, succumbing to pancreatic cancer.

The company announced his death this week. However, did not give any specific cause.

“We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs passed away today,” the company said in a brief statement. “Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.”

Jobs had been diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer called pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer. While those suffering can live as long as 20 years with the disease, it obviously wasn’t the case with the Apple visionary.

His cancer eventually spread to his liver, so he was forced to have a liver transplant in 2009 and took an extended medical leave from Apple last January.

Even after a liver transplant, the cancer can recur, which may have been what happened in Jobs’ case.

Jobs started Apple with a high school friend in a Silicon Valley garage in 1976, but 10 years later, he was forced out of the company. Eventually, in 1997, he returned to rescue the company he helped build. During his second stint, it grew into the most valuable technology company in the world with a market value of $351 billion.

He’s responsible for inventing and masterfully marketing ever-sleeker gadgets that transformed everyday technology, from the personal computer to the iPod and iPhone.

Jobs is survived by his wife Laurene, whom he has two daughters and a son with. He also has another daughter from a previous relationship.

His death became a trending topic on Wednesday, drawing actions from Apple fans, as well as celebrities and political figures.

“Steve was among the greatest of American innovators — brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world, and talented enough to do it,” said President Obama in a statement. “Steve was fond of saying that he lived every day like it was his last. Because he did, he transformed our lives, redefined entire industries, and achieved one of the rarest feats in human history: he changed the way each of us sees the world.”

“I’m truly saddened to learn of Steve Jobs’ death,” said Microsoft founder, Bill Gates. “Melinda and I extend our sincere condolences to his family and friends, and to everyone Steve has touched through his work. Steve and I first met nearly 30 years ago, and have been colleagues, competitors and friends over the course of more than half our lives. The world rarely sees someone who has had the profound impact Steve has had, the effects of which will be felt for many generations to come. For those of us lucky enough to get to work with him, it’s been an insanely great honor. I will miss Steve immensely.”

Here’s some other reactions from celebrities via Twitter:

Diddy: RIP to one of my HEROS Steve Jobs!!! You’s a Bad Mother fucka! 4real. Changed the game. Thanks for dreaming So BIG!!! #ripSteveJobs

Chamillionaire: #RipSteveJobs

Mac Miller: damn. Steve Jobs rest in peace. thank you for everything you’ve done for me. i have 3 of your products next to me right now.

Kreayshawn: We drinking for Steve Jobs! If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have such digital proficiency.

Frank Ocean: pretty sad about steve jobs. farewell to another visionary.

Snoop Dogg: RIP Steve Jobs Rest in peace homie.

Adrienne Bailon: Wow… Looking at my iPhone, iPad, iTouch, and 2 Laptops. #RIPSteveJobs

Jae Millz: Wowww!!!! Life is a roller-coaster that ends the same for everybody!! #RIPSteveJobs

Bun B: Thank you Mr. Jobs. For everything. #RIP

Mike Tyson: You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever” – Steve Jobs. Condolences to his family, Apple team & @pschiller.


Tyrese: I am saddened by the loss of a brilliant, forward thinking genius who has changed the world of technology as we know it today Steve Jobs RIP …I say it all the time.. Ideas are POWERFUL.. Don’t rob the world of your visions and ideas… Steve Jobs my hero forever..!! #GeekGodRIP

Lupe Fiasco: RIP Steve Jobs

Russell Simmons: Steve Jobs was a prophet of that uniquely American genius, the Creative Entrepreneur — something no one can copy, no one can outsource, no banker can hire — a visionary who created a movement that changed generations through painstaking tenacity — even after he was fired in 1985 from the company he founded for thinking too far forward.