Ice-T and Coco books -- Angel and Kings of Vice

Ice-T and Coco books -- Angel and Kings of ViceHip-hop couple and reality TV stars, Ice-T and Coco, have just added a new title to their resumes — published authors.

The couple, who star together in the E! reality show “Ice Loves Coco”, recently dropped new books — the rapper dropping Kings of Vice, an “urban fiction” which serves as his second; and the “erotic mystery” titled Angel, Coco’s first.

Ice and Coco tells the New York Daily News they both phoned in their books to their co-authors.

Coco with writer Laura Hayden, and Ice with Mal Radcliff.

“What the publisher did was assign me someone who really knew me,” Coco explained. “There were numerous phone conversations. I relayed it chapter by chapter. I just talked forever.”

“You write your outline and you work back and forth with the ideas and stuff,” adds Ice. “Marish [Coco] said she could never write a book. I told her it was the same as with a record. You just get with the right producer.”

Coco’s book idea came from a dream. She got with Hayden, and they turned it into a story.

“Mine came to me in a dream,” Coco told the paper. “I always have crazy dreams. I wake up and tell my husband these amazing stories, but sometimes I just don’t want to wake up.”

In her book, the main character Angel is rescued from a plane crash in the Hudson River. She comes to in the hospital with no memory, but gifted with the supernatural ability to channel men’s desires. That ability to shape-shift into Carnality Inc. gives her the chops to solve a murder.

Ice’s book, on the other hand, is a “The Warriors”-inspired story, which he has been trying to put together for some time. It stars deposed gang leader Crush, who must exact revenge against a former partner.

“I wrote in a way that Crush’s story can go on,” Ice revealed. “I’ve already started on the second one.”

Both books are currently available at Order Coco’s Angel here; and/or Ice’s Kings of Vice here.