Mister Cartoon, Vans OTW Releases Limited ‘Art Of Lettering’ Book

Over the summer, legendary Los Angeles tattoo artist Mister Cartoon held the “Art of Lettering” seminar, during the Hollywood Park Tattoo Invitational, where he discussed his rise in the tattoo and graffiti worlds … and also broke down his lettering style.

As part of the seminar, Toons teamed up with Vans OTW for a limited edition book, also called the Art Of Lettering. It features custom lettering and designs from the artist spanning over his long career.

The book is the first in a series of forthcoming projects from Vans OTW Advocates, which includes Eric Elms, Dimitri Coste, and The Blackouts, in addition to Toons.

Art of Lettering is a limited run of just 818 books, and is available at select OTW retailers worldwide. For more info, visit Vans.com/OTW.

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