TIP’s AKOO Clothing announced the upcoming brunch the rapper is throwing to celebrate his release, among other things. He’s called “A King of Oneself” brunch, and revealed that it would be an annual event.

The event will not only serve as a celebratory party for TIP, but also to celebrate his 30th birthday, and kick-off BET Hip Hop Awards weekend.

It will be hosted by TIP himself, as well as New York Knicks all-star Amar’e Stoudemire; is an invite-only event being held at a private location in Atlanta; and has an 150-count guest list of celebrities, close personal friends, and family.

“We’re gathering our family and friends during BET’s Hip Hop Awards weekend to show love and appreciation to T.I. as he celebrates his 30th birthday, his new book Power & Beauty, and the growth of the AKOO Brand,” said Jason Geter, co-founder of AKOO Clothing and CEO of Grand Hustle Records.

During the brunch soiree, guests will be presented a sneak peek screening of the “Salute the King” fan-based documentary. It a collection of clips where fans recorded and uploaded video messages to T.I. In addition to fans, celebrity friends from Rick Ross, Diddy, Nelly, Big Sean, Lex Luger, Playboy Tre, and others also uploaded personal video messages of support.

TMZ reported earlier this week that the brunch will be quite lavish, costing a reported $100,000 — $20,000 being spent on food and an additional $8,000 on dessert. Diddy is chipping in 150 bottles of Ciroc to get everyone loose — one bottle for each person expected to attend.