David Banner: Swag (Music Video)

Mississippi producer/rapper David Banner hits everyone upside the head with the visual to his latest buzzing track “Swag,” in which he calls out hip-hop’s hipster wave led by the likes of Lil B The Based God, Odd Future, and Kreayshawn.

In the Jonathan Andrade-directed video, Banner swings at his young peers. It begins with the rapper standing with a bat and drapped in clothing labels, popular among the hipster scene. Then, it cuts to a dark warehouse with Banner chained up in a chair, as white girl beats him up with a baseball (White Girl Mob?).

“The homies is busting slugs / The women is shaking ass / A white girl call us n**** and we just sit back and laugh / We call it swag,” he raps on the track’s chorus.

Banner then warns the young hip-hop generation to do some serious thinking, and look deeper into what they’re listening to and portraying themselves as.

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