Kreayshawn Says She Bought DJ Khaled ‘A Couple Steaks,’ Beef With Rick Ross Is Over

By Allen Starbury  |  09/14/2011

KreayshawnDespite some recent controversy, in which Rick Ross is quoted as calling Kreayshawn a "dirty bitch" and threatening to slap someone in her camp, the beef between the Oakland newcomer and Rozay is over ... at least in the pint-sized rapper's eyes.

If you've been keeping up with the drama, the two had a brief run-in at the MTV VMAs two week ago, in which her manager got into a heated exchange with the MMG crew. Shortly after, Rozay offered the female rapper an alternative, telling a separate MTV reporter that there's no problems.

"Nah, I think I just seen em run outta here. They just left, I don't know," Ross told MTV. "She cool with me. She might have to treat DJ Khaled to a steak or two, give him some extra treatment later on. But you know, don't run when you see us."

Apparently, Kreayshawn did just that.

In a recent interview with UrbanWorld UK, she addressed the situation, saying she and the Miami rapper ironed things out over dinner.

"Nah," she said laughing, when asked if the two would collaborate. "I bought DJ Khaled a couple of steaks, and we worked everything out. ... As far as that, nothing's popping off. It was a little rough patch at the VMAs, we got all over it. It's all over now."

The situation between Ross and Kreayshawn started when she threw a jab at the rapper during a radio freestyle, calling him fake. She later denied that the diss was intentional, when asked by MTV, saying Ross' name came up because it rhymes.

However, days after the denial, Kreayshawn popped up in a live uStream session (see here), alongside V-Nasty and some friends, during which they continue to make fun of Ross ... and is even heard saying that she wishes she could, but can't publicly call Ross a "fake."

If the beef between the two is really over, that remains to be seen.