Rick Ross Calls Kreayshawn ‘A Dirty B*tch,’ Threatens Her Camp

Rick Ross and Kreayshawn

Rick Ross and KreayshawnThe Kreayshawn and Rick Ross drama seems to be continuing.

Two weeks after the Oakland rapper’s manager Stretch got into a heated exchange with both Ross and his MMG entourage on the red carpet of the MTV VMAs, a new report has surfaced which claims that the Miami rap star is throwing shots in an upcoming issue of XXL.

According to HipHopWired.com, Rozay — who is obviously offended at Kreayshawn’s jabs at his credibility — is talking reckless about the pint-sized female newcomer, saying he’ll slap whoever she’s with if he runs into her.

“I can’t wait to slap the sh** out of whoever carries her bags,” Ross is quoted as saying. “And I hope it’s her n****. Dirty bitch. You better know the f*** you talking about. I’ll pay 50K to mess up your whole week.”

At press time, it’s unclear if Ross says anything further. The full interview with Ross appears in the October issue of XXL, which hits newsstands this week.

The whole issue between Ross/Kreayshawn started when she threw a jab at the rapper during a radio freestyle, calling him fake.

She later denied that the diss was intentional, when asked by MTV, saying Ross’ name came up because it rhymes.

“I’ve never, ever intentionally dissed anybody my whole career, and I don’t do that personally with friends either,” she said at the time. “I’m not like a person to go against anyone or anything. So hey, no offense to you Rick Ross. There’s no Rick Ross offensive things going on in there, even though it sounds like it.

Hey, I don’t Rick Ross. I can’t say anything about him. I just gotta rhyme, man.”

Days after the MTV denial, Kreayshawn popped up in a live uStream session (below), alongside V-Nasty and some friends, during which they continue to make fun of Ross … and is even heard saying that she wishes she could, but can’t publicly call Ross a “fake.”

  1. wow.
    thats some real hardcore gangsta shit, officer rickey.
    going after a 4’11” 95 lb  white girl.

    so hardcore.

    if anything, all the fat fuck is doing is proving this cracker hoe right. lol

  2. Shut up nigga somebody need to smack the shot outta this bitch they say nigga all the time even in the video and now they comin at Ross DOA

  3. Rick Ross was much nicer on the show A-TEAM.  “i pitty tha fool”

  4. Kreayshawn is racist. She lies and will do anything for her 15 minutes of fame.  She doesn’t have the talent of Eminen therefore she needs controversy in order to keep the hype.  She is aVanilla Ice.

  5. Kray is terrible anyway y waiste time on her. A white person usin nigga in they rhymes cant succeed in rap. Theres a reason Em never did it

  6. I don’t like her….
    She’s a disrespectful bitch….Dissin’ Rozay like that….whatever bad that happens to her she deserves it a 100 times over
    DUMB BITCH !!!

  7. Officer Ricky so funny! He’s the epitome of a studio gangster! and those ninjas that suround him are bitches too jus cause he got a little $$$

  8. yea thats the answer to everything…
    ‘smack the shit outta this bitch’…no wonder hiphop is a mess

  9. hahaha rick ross throwing threats at a petit female…what a guy #sarcasm

  10. so she is making fun of fat people….and Rick says that he’ll spend $50k just to ruin her week.

    They are both shallow, ugly people, and anyone who hangs out with them is a leech, just hanging onto the cuffs of somebody with a little fame, and even less talent.

    Maria Callas had talent, Edith Piaf had talent…….Rick Ross and KreayShawn need a bunch of third graders to buy their albums so they can then buy a Ferrari.  No talent, just a fake business masquerading as talent.

  11. RickRoss has every right to say what he sed tue her Like seriously there isnt A RickRoss to him it is he created the name thats him so it is so Wtf is kreyshawn Tell me Dhet Oh wait No suchh thing its Just another;Reason why he created him name she better hope she dont come to valley,Al if she ever does ima Show Out Fareall Ughh!! Det

  12. So the annorexic white chick calls the fat black guy fat….and they “beef”….no one is smacking anyone….these people are all fake as fuck….if you buy into this shit, you’re a fucktard too….kreayshawn needs to sit on a dick and officer Richard needs to hit the gym….somebody lied he got a whopper in the car, UGH!

  13. krea aint got no talent nigga but this bitch actually be in the streets, she aint no studio wank like officer ross. Bitch cant rap a lick but she been hustlin out here believe that.

  14. you like rick ross??? he sucks and he IS fake. former correctional officer talking bout how he has a chopper in the car. he needs to get the fuck out of here with that bs. i dont care for kreayshawn but rick ross is one annoying motherfucker who starts pointless beef.

  15. She needs to be banned from HipHop/Rap period. She cops a plea, yeah cuz she was “trying to ryme” and ric ross’ name popped in her head; coincidence. LOL Her career is over unless Ric Ross addresses the issue further.

  16. I liked that gucci gucci song and was rather pleased with the energy surrounding her.. till .. she started comin out the mouth with the n word.. I aint sayin a man should be goin in on a woman.. but .. her usin the n word.. im losin respect and interest in her as an artist.. and no  longer carin a good god damn about her career.. hopefully, ross come out on top.. he good at survivin beefs/squabbles, regardless of what else is goin on.. 

  17. my god really rick ross what kind of man threatens a woman,that just just wow and people respect it, and approve it. p.s lol rick ross in a team that was good

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