Master P, Romeo Launch ‘Miller Family Challenge’ To Whip Families Into Shape

Master P and Romeo

Master P and RomeoMaster P and his son Romeo Miller have announced that they will launch the “Miller Family Challenge” of health and fitness, in which P will endure a 90-day fitness challenge to get in shape with his son acting as trainer.

The program was created by the Millers to help encourage families to be the best they can be, via proper diet and exercise. In fact, they challenge other families to join the movement.

“In America, we have so many people who have heart disease, high blood pressure and suffer from obesity. It is important we encourage our families to eat right and exercise both their minds and their bodies,” said Master P, pka Percy Miller. “This is something that my family and I are passionate about. We have lost so many family members and friends to health issues that could have been prevented. This program is completely in line with our diet and exercise initiative that we do on our national school tours through Urban Born Foundation. In fact, it also supports what our First Lady Michelle Obama is teaching our children through the ‘Let’s Move’ program.”

According to CDC, the latest study based on a nationally representative sample of U.S. adults estimates that about 112,000 deaths are associated with obesity from poor nutrition and physical inactivity each year in the United States.

P’s son Romeo is in top physical shape, thanks to a normal workout routine, due to his athlete background. He’s committed to coaching his father Percy, through the 90-Day Challenge to lose 40 pounds. So far, P has lost 20 pounds by exercising everyday for at least an hour, practicing healthy eating habits, and taking daily vitamins and supplements by Visalus.

The Miller’s challenge families to get off the bench and get into the game of healthy living.

“Jennifer Hudson inspired me. Hopefully, I can inspire others,” said P.

The Millers will be visiting cities across America to encourage families to join the 90-Day Challenge to better health and fitness. Celebrity friends such as Rob Kardashian, Paul Pierce, Justin Bieber, Demar DeRozan, Ron Artest, Terry Miles, and Meagan Good are just a few that have already joined this movement.

For further info, visit the program’s official website at

  1. I’ve been telling my family for a while that we need to eat healthier and exercise regularly hopefully this will motivate alot of families!

  2. thats what i am talking about and say hi to bum bum miller say iman said hi i used to be your nabber so say hi

  3. what up romeo its ya boy k-shizele my guy stay bless you told me to sign up with da miller family so i did

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