Odd Future Lands TV Series On Adult Swim

Odd Future

Odd FutureFast-rising Los Angeles hip-hop collective, Odd Future, are doing big things. After invading the music world, they are now set to invade your television sets.

According to the Los Angeles Times, OFWGKTA have landed a deal with Adult Swim for a live-action series called “Loiter Squad.”

The network said Thursday (September 8) that the show will be a 15-minute series that features sketches, man on the street segments, pranks and, of course, music.

The show, which by Dickhoue Entertainment (known for “Jackass”), will be similar to the hit MTV series. Tremaine and Adult Swim’s Nick Weidenfeld will serve as executive producers.

At press time, “Loiter Squad” is set to premiere in early 2012.

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