Our Top 5 iOS/Mobile Games

Tiny Towers

It’s no small wonder that Apple is vying with Exxon Mobil for the title of the world’s most valuable company as their iPads, iPhones, and iPods have completely dominated the lucrative market for smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices. Game developers have definitely noticed, with the vast majority of games for smartphones and mobile devices designed for iOS products from Apple, including many of the top selling mobile games which span genres such as strategy games, puzzles, and casino games.

Below is a rundown of our top five iOS/mobile games:

1. Doodle Jump: Doodle Jump has been one of the best-selling games for iOS devices since its launch in 2009, combining a simple premise — keep jumping upward to build your score — with addictive gameplay, great art, and unique boosts and obstacles that keep the game engaging and fun.

Doodle Jump

2. Angry Birds: Angry Birds is fast on its way to becoming not just a top-selling iOS game, but a cultural phenomenon in its own right, with a planned movie in the works. Frequent updates and new levels keep Angry Birds fans coming back for more.

Angry Birds

3. Cut the Rope: Like other top games, Cut the Rope has great graphics and an easy-to-grasp goal: keep feeding candy to a little green critter named “Om Nom”. This physics-powered puzzle game starts out simple enough but quickly gets very complex, with plenty of tricky levels to complete before you reach the end.

Cut The Rope

4. Tiny Towers: Slightly similar to Sim City and other games in that genre, Tiny Towers lets you build and populate your own skyscraper with apartments, shops, and restaurants. You’ll earn coins that let you build your skyscraper higher and higher but be forewarned, as this one requires a lot of hands-on action to keep your tower growing.

Tiny Towers

5. Zynga Poker: Games such as online video poker and Texas Hold’em poker are very popular around the world and Zynga Poker gives poker fans the chance to compete at the virtual tables with millions of other players.

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