Check Out, The ‘Marijuana-Based Search Engine’

While medical marijuana is legal in California and several other sites, those online trying to advertise medicinal sticky-icky are “treated like outlaws” to quote L.A. Weekly.

Google isn’t very weed friendly, so how does a supporter of legal marijuana make money online with their website? Through a “marijuana-based search engine” called

“While ad networks like Google AdSense seem to flat out ban companies from reaching out the cannabis community, Cheeba is stepping in to give the green light for 420-friendly online advertising,” the company said in a statement to

The company hopes to supply ads that other places won’t … like Google Adsense for example, who was questioned by one webmaster about their practices in serving marijuana related ads, but not allowing a marijuana-related website to serve them.

“I recently spent weeks working on a site to launch..all to realize I can’t put advertisements on my site,” said one Google user. “When I set the site up, Adsense accepted my site and Marijuana related ads appeared on my site without a problem. After roughly a week I came upon a part in the Terms of Service saying any type of marijuana site can’t contain advertisements.”

The search engines allows you to search marijuana topics, videos, and images, as well as highlights some recent news regarding dispensaries, legalization, and more.

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  1. You have a good idea and I would like to see some competitive pricing to help the consumer.

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