Q&A With Game: Rapper Talks ‘R.E.D. Album’, Battling Jay-Z

By Michael Mahon  |  08/26/2011

The GameThere is no doubt that The Game is one of the most controversial figures in recent memory ... in hip-hop. For all of his talent and potential, the Compton rapper can't seem to stay out of the headlines for everything other than his music career.

Despite being praised as the potential savior of West Coast Rap and delivering three critically acclaimed and commercially successful albums, at times it seems like the rapper is known more for troubles out of the booth than anything he has done in it. Between beefs, fights and troubles with the law, the fact that The Game is arguably one of the best rappers out at any given time seems to get lost among the masses.

With his latest project, the often delayed R.E.D. Album, finally hitting stores this week, fans should without a doubt be reminded of his lyrical prowess on the mic.

As usual The Game brings along an all star line-up of talented producers and guest features including Lil Wayne, Drake, Tyler The Creator, Big Boi, Kendrick Lamar, and of course, the good doctor Dr. Dre, who we hear reuniting with his protégé for the first time since Game's debut, The Documentary.

It may seem a bit cliché, but in today's society of instant gratification and "what have you done for me now" attitude, The R.E.D. Album may very well be the most important album of The Game's career and fans everywhere are looking to see if he can deliver the goods.

BallerStatus.com: What really happened with the whole twitter thing?

Game: People think I'm making it up when I say that my homie tweeted from my phone, but if you think about it, if you're with a pack of your homies and y'all was all funny and played jokes on each other -- that's what we do. I might tweet something like "I'm gay" from his page or "I'm coming out the closet", but we always mess around like that so I'll tweet random numbers from his Twitter or dial up from one of my boys' cell phones or something. I left my phone down while I was doing a photo shoot and he got me. It was just a simple prank. I don't think he meant to tweet the sheriff's office or the number, I think it was just random numbers and it happened to be a coincidence. Why it has to controversy is crazy, but I think it's all blown out of proportion and I can't see them really taking it as far as pressing real charges, because I mean, come on man it's Twitter.

BallerStatus.com: Why were there so many delays going into this album?

Game: The delays were happening because I have a life. Real sh** goes on when people are recording albums and I think that everybody takes a year to two years to finish an album these days, especially if you have three kids, a girl at home, you know what I'm saying? I tour, I got to pay my bills and then I be doing mixtapes on top of my kids basketball and football and soccer -- I'm a real family man. Whenever it take so long or there's delays, that's either me being at home with my kids being a family man, or it could be the label, or not perfect timing, or I could not have the singles that I need, or it could really be anything. But, my true fans are going to wait.

BallerStatus.com: What was it like being back in the studio with Dre working on one of your projects?

Game: Dre is the dopest hip-hop producer ever, so to have Dre back on the album man -- to be back in the studio with Dre is crazy in itself. But, to have him contribute to my album the way he did is what's big for me and I couldn't be happier at this point in my career. It was real dope and I told him I can't thank him enough. I appreciate him for taking time out of working on Detox to contribute to R.E.D., but he did and I think the album's going to sell.

BallerStatus.com: What did it take to mend the relationship to the point where you guys were able to get in the studio together?

Game: Me and Dre never had a problem and our relationship has never changed. He just stepped when we were doing the whole beef thing, as he should have. I didn't understand it at the time, because I was little bit younger, but in retrospect as I grew wiser in the game, I began to understand his position. He had already had a lot of beef in his career and he didn't want to have any part of our melee, so he stepped to the side. When it was time to have a conversation about it, we did. When it was time to get back in the studio, we did as well.

BallerStatus.com: Where do you think this album will compare to the previous ones?

Game: I think The R.E.D. Album is right there. If I were to have a track meet with my four albums, I think The R.E.D. Album would beat The Doctor's Advocate through the tape by a hair and I always felt The Doctor's Advocate was my best album. A lot of people say it's The Documentary, but I just think that was my first debut so most people are bias to that, but my Doctor's Advocate album was smashing anything.

BallerStatus.com: What's your relationship with Jay-Z really like? Are you looking to get into a full blown battle with him, or is it just playful competition?

Game: I don't think Jay wants that. Jay is too reserved and too iconic in his career to battle me. I'm reckless and I'm psycho on the mic, so I can say anything. There are only certain things he can really say, you know what I'm saying?

BallerStatus.com: If he did respond to one of your songs, what would happen?

Game: I would slay him. I just think that at this stage in his career, his lyrics would have to be sanctioned. There's only so far he can go with where he's at now. Me, I can go to hell and back with my lyrics, so I don't think it's wise for him to respond, but I respect Jay lyrically. I always have and I always will. It's just that the facts weigh in, I got a reckless tongue and it's not to be f***ed with.

BallerStatus.com: After working with Kanye on all of your previous efforts, why don't you have him on The R.E.D. Album?

Game: Because we ain't a group and sometimes you can't work with everybody that you worked with before on every single album. I had Nas on two albums, but he wasn't on this one either, so it's like I had 'Ye on all three, but I he wasn't on this one. I just didn't catch up with Kanye on this one.

BallerStatus.com: One of the criticisms that people throw at you is that your albums have too many guest appearances. What do you think about the people who will look at the tracklisting for this project and say the same thing?

Game: I don't give a f*** about that man. I don't make albums for people who judge negatively, I make albums for my fans and I make the best album possible for myself. People are going to have opinions, but if you sit around and wait for people to stop having opinions, you're going to die an old lonely man.

BallerStatus.com: Because you have such great relationships with so many other artists, could you see yourself doing the Kanye/Jay-Z collaboration album thing with someone or maybe even forming a super group-type deal?

Game: All that's up in the air, I just take hip-hop as it goes. I wake up in the morning; I brush my teeth and whatever happens with hip-hop after that, you know it's all good. I'll make my adjustments or my judgments depending on when it happens. Hip-hop is bigger than life and it's going to be here for awhile and I'm just in it and co-existing with all the others. Who knows, maybe one day it will happen or maybe not.

BallerStatus.com: What are your plans with your music career after your current contract with Interscope is up?

Game: First I have to fulfill my contract obligation with one more album after R.E.D., so let's just wait until then and then I'll make the decision when it's time for me to come to the beginning of that bridge.