Oakland Rapper Kafani Sends Threat To Lil B, Explains Beef

Lil B and Kafani

Lil B and KafaniA beef is brewing in the Bay Area … between rising Berkeley newcomer Lil B (The Based God) and Oakland rapper Kafani.

Kafani, who enjoyed national success a few years ago with his single “Fast (Like A Nascar)”, hopped on Youtube this week to call out the Master Chef (Lil B) after allegedly talking dirty behind his back to an unnamed female.

Man-to-man, the rapper tried to reach out to Lil B directly, via a private message on Twitter, in an attempt to iron out the situation. But, said it turned into a back-n-forth argument.

Argry with the Based God, Kafani decided to air it out on video … and issue a threat.

“Pillow talking to them bitches n****, gonna get you f*cked off,” the rapper said in an online clip.

“You a bitch bruh … walking around in them tight ass jeans, n****. When I see you I’m gonna slap the sh** out you. You know I got money, n****, so you know I’maa find you. I’m on house arrest right now. Got a few months. When I come off house arrest I’m gonna embarrass your bitch ass. Believe that.”

While Lil B hasn’t responded, directly to Kafani, he tweeted a bunch of general comments about staying positive despite the hate he receives.

“Keep the love and positive spirit in ur heart no matter what, I see with fame cums with a lot of hate even made up lies,” the rapper wrote (@LilBTheBasedGod).

“Being young and famous comes with a lot of trails and tribulations, all my people that look up to me stay positive no matter wat. The love in my heart has kept me sane in this very negative world we live in, the world is what you percive it to be, I love it”

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  4. 11/28/2011
    is this related?
    “Television footage showed a van belonging to an Oakland rapper, Kafani, that was riddled with bullet holes. The vehicle had apparently taken some of the victims to the hospital.”

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