Ex-Pornstar Julia Bond Talks Transition Into Music & Obstacles

By Buck Casteel & Jay Casteel  |  08/21/2011

Julia Bond is an ex-pornstar who took the adult industry by storm in the mid-2000s, winning multiple accolades -- including Rookie Starlett of the Year and Best POV scene, among others. However, at just 24, she's been retired from the porn world for a few years now, and is currently pursuing her real passion ... which she says is music.

For the last couple years, Bond has been in the studio, recording music she's written herself, and has begun leaking it directly to her fans, via SoundCloud. So far, the former adult starlett has received positive feedback, which has given her enough confidence to chase the difficult road of a recording artist ... but in her words, "you can do anything you put your mind to."

During only her second performance ever, at a release party in Ventura, Calif. in July, we caught up with Julia to talk about her transition from porn into music, the difficulties she's faced thus far, how she describes her style of music, and more.

Bond tells us, she's taking things slowly. Right now, as she records new music, she leaking tracks herself to spark interest ... but, from there, has bigger plans -- including an upcoming album, and mixtape.

Follow her on Twitter @IAmJuliaBond, and/or listen to her music at Soundcloud.com/JBondSquad.