Prodigy Talks Illuminati, President Obama Bloodline & Jay-Z On

By BallerStatus Staff  |  08/08/2011

Mobb Deep's Prodigy hasn't been shy, as of late, expressing his views on conspiracy theories, the Illuminati, and/or secret societies ... and spoke about his beliefs recently with popular Austin-based radio host, Alex Jones.

In this four-part interview, Illuminati P (as he's named himself on Twitter) speaks on Illuminati symbolism in the hip-hop world, specifically Jay-Z; President Obama's historic bloodline; and his infamous 2007 gun conviction that sent him to prison for four years.

P on Illuminati Symbolism & Jay-Z (Pt. 2)

P on Obama's Royal Bloodline & Ties To George Bush; Ron Paul

P on 2007 Gun Conviction

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